Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two hours away...

I'm about two hours away from Colin's 5th visit. I have an oil leak that developed after changing the clutch last year. It's also time to replace the engine mounts and the front shifter bushing (time permitting). Possible rain in the forecast today, but the sun is peeking out and I'm about to have my third cup of coffee... This should be a good day.


  1. So, I'm curious was the cracked AAR elbow the reason for the "bucking"? I have been following your other posts and finally came across this. I'm having the same issue in my 1979 "SAGE" Green Westy :)

  2. Hey Lloyd, it wasn't the cause. I replaced the AAR elbow because it was split but it didn't fix the problem. We just found an extra resister on the Temp Sensor 2 connection. Apparently someone added it to compensate for a vacuum leak. I’ve only been out once for a 40 mile test drive. No problems with bucking so far…

  3. Lloyd, it's been a while since you posted your question. I do believe that I finally identified the cause of the bucking and hesitation on the road. It appears to have been a bad Temp Sensor II. I just posted an update about it:


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