Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Short drive over the weekend (and now a short break)

We took a short drive up near Racine WI on Sunday. Nothing special, just a drive to run some errands. It really felt good to take the bus out and enjoy the day. I really needed to clear my head. I've been very stressed lately. The drive went well, even though I experienced the "hesitation" issue coming home. It only lasted a few seconds and then it was back to normal, and we cruised all the way home.

Odometer: 144608

I've decided to take a break from this site for a few days, or maybe even a couple weeks. One of my cats, Patrick, is very sick and needs a lot of attention. He's now on daily sub-q fluid injections and he doesn't put up with it very well. I've been writing about the cats lately, and I want to focus on them until I'm sure Patrick is doing better. You can read about him, and his two friends at Meezers.com. I'll get back to this site as soon as things slow down.

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