Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stuttering Wilson

Original 1978 VW TypeIV 2.0L Fuel Injected EngineWe drove to Rockford IL (hometown of Cheap Trick) yesterday to be with family. On the drive back home, the original VW 2.0L, fuel injected engine hesitated a bit. It happened as I accelerated through the middle of each gear. The bus would momentarily pause like it wasn't getting fuel. It didn’t last long, although it was long enough to make me worry. I asked Wilson to get us home and he could take the rest of the weekend off. The hesitation occurred over 30 seconds, about 45 minutes into the drive, and then the bus ran fine the rest of the way home.

I had something like this happen last fall, but I thought I fixed it. I replaced the fuel pump (Bosch GFP301), rubber (GS 102 Kit) and steel (NLA) fuel lines, filter (133 133 511), and double relay (Bosch 0 332 514 120) earlier this year. I’ve driven the bus about 1,400 miles since the repairs and I was hopeful the problem was long gone. I will read some of the old info from last year, to see what else might cause this. Follow up post to come...

Odometer: 144386


  1. Did you figure this issue out? My '78 Riviera Campmobile is doing the exact same thing. Thanks, Jonathan in Denver

    1. Hello Jonthan. Yes, it was the Temp Sensor II (311 906 041A). I replaced the tempurature sensor and the problem went away.


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