Saturday, August 22, 2009

The 1978 VW Campmobile...

Wilson, the 1978 VW Campmobile P-22 by WestfaliaVolkswagen described the Westfalia Campmobile as "having a cottage that goes anywhere you want to go", and that really is true. Wilson is my home away from home, and I enjoy every chance I can get to take him camping. Even outside of camping, it’s nice to know I always have a place to sleep when I’m traveling. The sink, electric hook-up, and icebox provide the basic amenities for a weekend. The bus sleeps two comfortably with the fold down z-bed. VW claimed 4-5 could sleep in the Campmobile, but that would be a tight squeeze, even with kids. I like the pop-up top because it adds a lot of head room. I'd guess 7' at the tallest point.

The Volkswagen camper has always been a symbol of freedom to me. Freedom to go where you want to go, and stay for as long as you need to stay. Sure, you could get a huge RV and live like royalty, but you can't duplicate the personality and happiness a Volkswagen provides. I receive smiles and waves from complete strangers on almost every trip, not to mention the other VW drivers I see along the way. I wouldn't trade Wilson for any other driving experience.

For the record, here are the specifications and features of the 1978 VW Westfalia Campmobile...

Westfalia Models:

  • Standard (P-21)
    • Pastel White (L90D) Pastel White (L90D), Orange plaid
    • Bench converts to double bed
    • Swing-around front passenger seat
    • Clothes closet with mirror
    • 7 storage areas
    • Large dining room table
    • Sink with running water
    • 5.8 gal water tank
    • Icebox
    • 110-volt external receptacle
    • Curtains
    • Louvered side windows w/screens
    • Read door screen
    • Insulated panelled walls
    • Fluorescent ceiling light
    • Wall to wall loop carpeting
    • Spare tire
  • Pop-Up (P-22)
    • Sage Green (L63H) Sage Green (L63H), Green plaid
    • All of the features of the Standard P-21 model, plus...
      • Fiberglass pop-up top
      • Weather-resistant canvas sides
      • Screened window with zipper flap
      • Double bed with mattress
      • Luggage rack
  • Deluxe Pop-up (P-31)
    • Dakota Beige (L13A) Dakota Beige (L13A), Beige & Brown plaid
    • All of the features of the Standard P-21 model, plus...
      • Fiberglass pop-up top
      • Weather-resistant canvas sides
      • Screened window with zipper flap
      • Double bed with mattress
      • Luggage rack
      • Upholstered storage container
      • 12v refrigerator (replaces icebox)
      • Gas stove
      • Outside water hook-up
      • Snack table

  • Make: Volkswagen (VW)
  • Model: Type2 Transporter (T2)
  • Engine: Air-cooled, rear mounted
  • Cylinders: 4 cylinders
  • Displacement: 1970cc / 2.0L
  • Lifters: hydraulic
  • Net HP: 67 @ 4200 RPM
  • Fuel: Bosch L-Jetronic F.I.
  • Ignition: Coil, Distributor
  • # Speeds: 4 forward, 1 reverse
  • Final Drive: Rear wheel drive
  • Clutch: Single-disc, dry
  • Frame: Unitized body chassis
  • Rim Size: 5-1/2Jx14
  • Tire Size: 185 SR 14
  • Steering: Roller type
  • Wheelbase: 95.5"
  • Length: 177.4"
  • Width: 67.7"
  • Height: 81.0"
  • Ground Clearance: 7.9"
  • Turning Circle: 37.1'
  • Curb Weight: 3,300 lbs
  • MPG: 17-25
  • Top Speed: 75 mph
  • Acceleration: 50 mph 13.9 sec
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.6 gal
  • Engine Oil Capacity w/ Filter: 3.7 qt
  • Engine Oil Capacity w/o Filter: 3.2 qt
  • Manual Transmission Capacity: 3.7 qt
  • Windsheild Washer Capacity; 1.5 qt
  • MSRP (Campmobile): $8,570

Standard Features:
  • Four-wheel independent suspension
  • Front stabilizer
  • Steel belted radial tires
  • Power assisted brakes
  • Front vent windows
  • Dual outside mirrors
  • Padded dashboard
  • Electric fresh air ventilation
  • Auxiliary heater
  • Day/night inside rear view mirror
  • Walk-through aisle
  • Sliding side door
  • Rear window defogger

Optional Features
  • Air conditioner
  • Fog lamps
  • Bumper overriders
  • Trailer hitch
  • AM/FM/Radio/Tapeplayer
  • Roof carrier
  • Floor mats


  1. Close by in Janesville, WI. Just got my first 1978 Westy.
    Also green!

  2. what set of tires do you recommend? please email me at

  3. My Green westy seems to like to let his outside mirrors get loose which makes it dangerous when changing lanes. I don't want any harm to become of him or me. Any information about the best method to ensure stable mirrors would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at

    1. I DRILL AN 1/8" HOLE ON THE BACK SIDE - TAP 1/4-20 W/

      STAINLESS SETSCREW. Taa-Daa.....


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