Monday, June 8, 2009

On the Road Again (IAC 2009 Visit)

On the Road AgainWilson is back on the road. Colin stopped by last Friday morning to help me get the bus running again. We replaced the rubber and steel fuel lines, and fuel pump. That project seemed to consume the day. The double relay gave us problems, but thankfully Colin was able to fix it.  I'll have to pick up a replacement before I go on any long trips. During the fuel line effort, we snuck in a brake adjustment, installed engine foam seal, and properly attached the muffler. After a couple disappointing moments, Colin had Wilson running again. We did a quick check and adjustment of the timing and dwell. A test drive around the neighborhood and we were done. By 11:30pm we were reheating the chicken Kate made for dinner.

 Here's a little more info on the day...

Now I'm looking forward to Wilson's first camping trip of the year.

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