Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coming Soon . . . has only been in existence for a short time, but I’m ready to make a few changes. The Blogspot/Blogger site was easy to learn, but I’m switching to WordPress and I’ll begin using my regular web host. WordPress appears to be much more flexible, and I’ll have the benefit of hosting the blog myself. I’m setting up the new page now and hope to have it ready to release in the coming days.

To go along with the new site, I’ve registered the domain name in honor of Wilson, my favorite green Westfalia Campmobile. I spent a few days contemplating which domain name I should select. My first choice was Surprisingly that domain is still available, but after reviewing Volkswagen’s licensing details, they do not allow enthusiast or club sites to use their trademarks in that manner. Actually, I don't think they'd let anyone use their trademark like that. I then spent a couple days thinking of other names until I finally decided on one that described Wilson’s best feature, just being a green Westfalia. I'll post a note when it's ready.

Once goes live, I plan to register the site with Volkswagen as a VW Enthusiast site and request a license to use their VW, Volkswagen, and Campmobile trademarks. It looks like they made the processes simple by releasing the information and electronic form online at .

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