Saturday, June 20, 2015

Aircooled Hooligan's V-Dubs by the Beach

Wilson, the 1978 VW Campmobile at the 2015 V-Dubs by the Beach car showThe Aircooled Hooligan’s Chicago Chapter hosted the 2015 V-Dubs by the Beach car show in Monticello Indiana. I met up with a couple members for a VW convoy to the show from Chicago. It was a nice 55 mph cruise down the highway. I think the other drivers on the road either loved or hated us. A lot of them seemed quick to smile and wave. The others couldn’t wait to pass the Ghia, Bug, and Bus that were blocking the slow lane

VW ConvoyAfter crossing into Indiana, we picked up a couple more aircooled drivers adding another Ghia and a Splitty Doublecab to our convoy. We all got a late start and missed the registration deadline but it was worth the three hour drive to see all of those wonderful VWs. I also met a lot of good people that day. Two weeks of rain turned the grassy parking area into a big mess. My bus sank right into the mud as soon as I stopped. Luckily a lot of people hung around after the show to help push everyone that was stuck. It’s a great club and I’m looking forward to the next show!

I'll create a separate post with pictures from the show. In the mean time, here are a few samples...

VW Campmobile VW Bug VW Bus VW Karmann Ghia

Odometer: 148245

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Pedal Pads installed

Pedal Pads (top row) from GermanSupply.comMy goal is to keep this 1978 VW Campmoble as close to stock as possible. Over a year ago I purchased a new set of pedal pads (Part Number: 211 721 173/2) from Scott at German Supply (shown in the top row of the photograph). The rubber pads cover the clutch and brake pedals. I never installed the new pads because the old VW bus has been sitting in the garage for so long. I finally took five minutes and installed them today.

I noticed that the new pads are stamped with the VW logo and part number on the back. I was very happy to get rid of the old aftermarket pads that were installed by the original owner of the bus (shown in the bottom row of the photograph.)

There was nothing wrong with the old pads. They'll end up in one of my spare parts box. It just made me smile to see the pattern of the original German pedal pads that I remember from my childhood. I don’t know why that detail stands out in my mind. Oh well, I can’t wait to put the new pads to use on the road tomorrow.

Odometer: 148245

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Looking forward to V-Dubs by the Beach

Aircooled Hooligan’s V-Dubs by the Beach The Aircooled Hooligan’s Midwest VW show (V-Dubs by the Beach) is on this month in Monticello Indiana. Now that I have my 78 Campmobile running again, I’m looking forward to attending and meeting everyone. It will be a nice 165 mile test drive for my bus. I plan to take a lot of photos while I'm there too. Here’s a link with details about the event if you’re interested in reading more about it: V-Dubs by the Beach

Odometer: 148245

Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh how I hate you Temp Sensor II

1978 VW Campmobile in Rockford IL It's been about four years since the last time I posted about my bus. I'm happy to report that Tuesday June 9th, 2015 is the day I believe we finally identified the cause of the problem (e.g. hesitation, bucking, stalling) that has plagued my 1978 VW Campmobile (2.0 FI) for years. I have enough evidence now to blame the Temp Sensor II (0 280 130 012) for most of my stress and headaches since 2008.

Colin from IAC was onsite for his 2015 visit this week. We spent the first part of the day fine tuning and troubleshooting why this bus was running so poorly. The fuel in the tank was stale and we found the fuel filter was jammed with crud. Unfortunately a tune-up, fresh fuel, and a new filter did not eliminate the symptoms. I was getting a little worried that it was going to be a very late night. That is until Colin picked up the Temp Sensor II wire connector during a vacuum test and instantly noticed an improvement. I had a spare sensor in my collection of parts so we installed it and then readjusted the AFM.

I was prepared for some type of disappointment however it never occurred. During our first test drive the bus ran better than it has in years! It’s not like we haven’t looked at the Temp Sensor II before. Colin even tested it himself this year and confirmed it was within spec. I also tested it several times in 2012.

After Colin’s visit this year and replacing the Temp Sensor II, I completed a 100 mile test drive and it was smooth driving the entire time. I should say that I’ve only been able to drive my bus 20 miles in 2 years. I barely made it around the block and back to the garage the last time I tried it in November 2013. After 100 miles I’m very optimistic that replacing the Temp Sensor II has resolved the problem.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been chasing this gremlin for almost 7 years. I was starting to accept the possibility that my bus would always choke and stall on the road. I’m going to nominate Randy in Maine for an award because he was the first to call out the sensor as a possible culprit back in 2008. I’ll also nominate Colin for his help this year to confirm. I'm so glad to be back on the road again!!!

Here's the full list of the completed work on 6/9/2015:
1. Valve adjustment
2. Cleaned valve covers
3. Replaced points (311-998-063)
4. Adjusted timing
5. Drained old fuel
6. Replaced fuel filter (133-133-511)
7. Checked fuel pressure
8. Adjusted AFM
9. Checked vacuum
10. Replaced Temp Sensor II (0 280 130 012)
11. Fixed horn
12. Replaced hub cap

My goal for the next IAC Visit in 2015:
1. Resolve oil leak (main seal?)

Odometer: 148245

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Bootleg S-Boot from Ebay

The Bootleg S-Boot from EbayTwo months ago, I purchased a "new" S-Boot off Ebay. It doesn't have the VW logo or part number on the side. The details on the boot aren't as clean and exact as my original either. It looks like someone created a mold that's close to the original, but not an exact duplicate. If it provides a good seal I'll be happy for the price ($25 shipped).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Itinerant Air-Cooled visit #5

It turned out to be a perfect day to work on the bus (sunny, but not too hot). First, we replaced the engine mounts and were able to do it without having to remove the exhaust. My exhaust didn't look like it was in the mood to be removed so I'm glad we were able to pull that off. It looks like we were able to fix the oil leak too. The bus developed a terrible leak after replacing the clutch last fall so that was the main thing I wanted to accomplish this year. It looked like the front seal we also replaced last year may have been faulty. Hopefully the new seal will last a little longer than 100 miles.

Two hours away...

I'm about two hours away from Colin's 5th visit. I have an oil leak that developed after changing the clutch last year. It's also time to replace the engine mounts and the front shifter bushing (time permitting). Possible rain in the forecast today, but the sun is peeking out and I'm about to have my third cup of coffee... This should be a good day.